Meet our Pastors

Meet our Senior Pastor

For the past 20+ years, Pastor Tello has been serving across the United States sharing, preaching, teaching, and expanding the Kingdom of God. His desire to help is palpable and his trust in God inspires all who come in contact with him to follow the Master Jesus. Pastor Tello has served as a Bible-worker, Evangelist, and Pastor. He is accompanied by his wife Hannah Marie and their three children: Isaiah, Ariana, and Gabriel...and their service dog FN2187 (Fynn)! Come join us and meet our pastoral family! 



 Meet our Student Intern Pastor

Brandon Zorer is an ordained deacon by the grace of God, and the only Adventist in his family. He joined the church at 17 years old, looking for biblical truth, and The Lord brought him to the Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Washington. The YouTube channel that connected him was, “Bible Flock Box”. He is currently 24 years old and has been challenged with a spiritual experience the last couple years. However, he is following the lamb whenever He goes, and the lamb has brought him this far. Brandon owes all the glory and praise to The Lord God for being so good and leading him to biblical truth.